IT Audits from Information Solutions.

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Step One: Review Meeting

Your chosen account manager will meet with you to understand your business needs and IT demands. They will make sure they understand your business, its history, its future goals and reasons for current IT.

Step Two: Physical Audit

Our expert team will then carry out the physical IT audit. All of our team are qualified to evaluate your IT infrastructure against the current industry and any emerging IT services that may benefit your company.

Step Three: Follow Up Meeting

We will then assess our findings to determine whether your current IT infrastructure is safeguarding your assets. We will also make a number of recommendations to help develop your IT further.

What does the IT audit include?

From individual PCs to servers, software and your internet connection, we will give you useful, expert advice on selected areas that we feel may need to be addressed including a security threat response plan - these include:


Are you vulnerable to malicious attacks on your servers? How easy would it be for a virus to take control of your IT systems?

Data Storage & Backup

Are you taking regular backups of your most important data? Do they work properly? Are they secure?

System Maintenance

Who is responsible for your company’s system maintenance and updates? Do you have or are you at risk of technical debt?

Network Infrastructure

What do you own and what software do you run? How many user policies do you have and are they followed?