Remote Monitoring & Management

  • Remote Software Installation
  • Remote Updates
  • User & Computer Control Policies
  • Asset & Device Inventory

Get the up-to-the-minute status on all your workstations, laptops, network devices, virtual machines, and servers and know what needs immediate attention across all your IT assets.

IT security is both a top challenge and a major priority for all businesses. Information Solutions RMM enables users to harden endpoints via configuration management, produce inventory of installed software and reduce vulnerabilities through automated patch management.

IT automation and easy-to-use remediation tools like remote command line, remote access, file explorer, and scripting allow us to spend less time on day-to-day remediation while achieving better results.

Helps to identify and remedy issues before end users report them.

Remote monitoring and management tools combine most or all the common tools already used for endpoint management into a single system that reduces costs, increases efficiencies, and leads to better results.

Track inventory, usage, and the health of hardware, software, and subscriptions. Keep track of assets, employees, and tasks, and report on outcomes.

Software Inventory - Can see software installed from each machine and quickly see if users have software installed that they shouldn’t have.

Example Information Solutions RMM Use Cases

  • With RMM we can monitor a range of hardware and software including:
    • Failed disk drives & raid failure
    • Low disk space
    • High CPU
    • High memory usage
    • Failed print spooler
    • Windows updates not installing
  • From this we can trigger scripts: e.g. If disk space is less than 10% we can automatically clear temporary files, empty recycle bin & reboot machine.
  • Windows Patching – we can schedule and automate out of hours. On a more granular level we can just allow security updates, feature updates or drivers.
  • Product updates – e.g. Adobe Reader, Microsoft & Apple Products including Office
  • We can create policies to lock down USB, CD Drives, disable VNC, disable User Access Control, enable Windows Firewall, fix file system permissions & reset print system.

Endpoints from £2.50

  • Monitoring and Alerting
  • Endpoint Management
  • Network & VM Management
  • IT Automation and Scripting

Servers from £10

  • Active Directory
  • SQL
  • Exchange
  • VM Host

Patching from £4

  • Endpoint Service +
  • Out of hours patching
  • Security updates, feature updates and drivers
  • Reporting on Windows Update status

Costs per device per month and dependent on minimum quantity. Server cost dependent on role. All costs ex vat.