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Office 365 is Microsoft's cloud office platform, it is designed so that once you are signed up you will be able to work online from any device and from any location. The service includes the standard Office applications, including Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint all provided as a single monthly/yearly payment. Also included in Office 365 is an exchange e-mail account, which means your email account can be added to different devices and will stay completely synchronised and up to date whenever anything is changed on any of your devices.

With the newest versions of trusted Office applications, you can create compelling documents, gain better insights into your data, and deliver persuasive presentations with confidence—even when you are on the go.

Use Office on more devices: Use Office on PCs, Macs, Windows tablets, and most mobile devices.
Away from your PC? Stream a full-featured version of Office on any Internet-connected PC running Windows 7 or Windows 8.
Keep up to date: Sync everyone's changes in the same document, even if changes are made at the same time.

Showing the world how professional your business is has never been so easy. Create documents that will get you noticed, build an eye-catching website, use email branded with your own domain name, and more.

Make an impression: Create customized documents that fit your brand.
Build your web presence: Office 365 includes a customer-facing website that's easy to set up and update—with no additional hosting fees.
Hold impressive online meetings: Office 365 includes Lync for online meetings with HD video conference and screen sharing.