Confidentiality and GDPR When Working from Home

26th January 2022 10am-11.30

Protecting Confidentiality and GDPR Compliance Online Workshop

If you missed our December workshop then you have the opportunity to attend again.

This free training workshop is designed for businesses and organisations who have staff working full or part-time from home, and whose job roles require access to IT systems, data, and business/organisation managed online communication systems.

The workshop is case-study based and follows a practical approach to enable managers or business owners to apply different scenarios to the law.


The training will give the delegate an understanding of the principles of the duty of confidentiality and GDPR, how these affect access to, the processing and storage of data and how the organisation can comply with these when individuals are working from home. The delegate will also be able to assess and audit the external data access systems and procedures currently in place, and to identify areas for improvement or change.


A workshop in which case studies will be discussed. These will include discussion on:

  • The need for a Home Working Policy
  • Ensuring the Home working policy is consistent with other policies
  • Whether to undertake a Data Protection Impact Assessment
  • Practical issues which may arise
  • How confidentiality can be breached and how to prevent this
  • The data protection risks and how to ensure compliance


To register for the free online workshop on 26th January 2022 10am-11.30 please fill in the details below:

    The workshop will take place on either Teams or Zoom, participants will be sent an invite in advance of the event.

    Bernard Seymour

    Bernard Seymour

    Before joining Suzanne at Affinity Resolutions, Bernard had a successful and varied 35 year career as a lawyer during which time he became Managing Partner of a large law firm and sat as a Judge on the Manchester circuit.

    Bernard is an experienced public speaker and trainer and has given presentations and provided training to many organisations both at head office and branch level.

    Bernard undertakes for Affinity Resolutions the external data protection officer and HR role for clients in different sectors. In this capacity he provides straightforward, robust and common sense advice.

    Suzanne Lurie

    Suzanne Lurie

    Suzanne practised as a lawyer for over 25 years working in a large law firm.

    Since founding Affinity Resolutions, Suzanne has worked with organisations and businesses from a wide range of sectors.

    When advising on HR and data protection issues, Suzanne combines a practical and commercial approach to all situations.


    Pete White

    Shrewsbury based Director of Information Solutions and The Web Orchard. Pete’s 15 year career has helped him amass a range of experience with businesses and organisations across the region.

    This training workshop is presented by Affinity Resolutions and Information Solutions.


    Affinity Resolutions

    are unique in bringing a combination of data protection, HR and legal consultancy and training to a range of sectors including not for profit, retirement and health.

    They combine a legal, practical and commercial approach with over 50 years of legal experience and many years of common sense.

    Located in Shrewsbury town-centre and with over 15 years’ experience, Information Solutions specialises in providing IT Managed Services and Support to businesses and organisations across Shropshire, Mid Wales and the West Midlands.