2021 at Information Solutions in review

As we wave goodbye to 2021, Information Solutions look back on the challenges and successes of the year.

February: A rather damp start

Flooding at The Pump House, Shrewsbury

As many will have seen in the news, 2021 started with quite a washout – literally. Flooding returned to Shrewsbury and our offices were also affected. The benefits of a full remote working network meant our team could continue working as normal and assisting our clients with minimal disruption. 

May: The Movement Centre

We are proud to have supported The Movement Centre for a second year. Through free hosting and website support, the partnership has enabled the Shropshire-based charity to continue its work in an online space at a time where online outreach is more important than ever.

The website allows the charity to continue to reach out to its supporters, the children and families it supports and valuable information for those who may also benefit from its dedicated work providing Targeted Training therapy.

See below a video on the amazing work The Movement Centre do created by our client partners, 7video.

July: A summer to remember

Information Solutions has helped many businesses adapt to a more hybrid working structure and we know first-hand the challenges this can bring but also the benefits. Our remote IT support solution not only helps keeps business moving but supports the need for a change of scenery.

With a scorcher of a summer this year, here’s a look at Pete demonstrating the benefits of adaptive ways of working. (Though we advise to resist a little as this is a high risk of water damage).

Our cloud service options have been extremely popular this year and shown time and again how adopting this form of IT solution can really benefit colleagues and your business as a whole.     

August: Taking a virtual look at the Midlands

Information Solutions continues to be an active member of Centre for the New Midlands. The collaborative think tank actively seeks new ideas to help the region particularly at some of the areas biggest social and economic challenges. The first in-person event took place in August but brought a new digital twist with a virtual look at how the Midlands could look in the near future with Kagool.

The event was a great opportunity to see how innovative IT and digital solutions can help businesses grow and the potential on the horizon.

September: PodAid

Supporting its launch year, Information Solutions was proud to be involved with Pod Aid. The 24-hour charity podcast stream took place on 29 September in support of Lingen Davies Cancer Fund. Bringing together members of The Shrewsbury Biscuit Podcast, USUK Network and a range of special guests, the event was the first of its kind and is set to continue as a successful annual event with a new nominated charity each year.

We had the unique opportunity to share some of our story (and a few off-topic treats) during the stream while supporting a fantastic cause.

You can find out more and listen to the streams here: https://www.facebook.com/podaidpodcast/

October: Centre for the New Midlands Guest Post

You are unlikely to have missed the growing discussions of cryptocurrency/Blockchain technology and how this continues to gain position in financial markets. In October, Pete White raised the topic in his guest post for Centre for the New Midlands.

With Blockchain based projects already becoming more of a reality – including some businesses in the Midlands already gaining investment due to cryptocurrency successes – read the full article here.

December: GDPR Webinar

Talk of GDPR may have reduced since is implementation a few years ago but it remains a priority for businesses who handle any type of data, at any scale. Following receiving Cyber Essentials certification earlier in 2021, Information Solutions hosted its first GDPR Webinar in December.

The free online workshop provided attendees with useful guidance and practical insights on the changing landscape to more hybrid working, and what this means for businesses and GDPR compliance commitments. More webinars will be taking place in 2022.

To share your interest in any of our upcoming webinars, how our IT consultancy service may help ensure your compliance or any other way Information Solutions can help with your IT resource needs contact us today.