5 reasons why you should switch to Office 365 today

Subscription plans to suit all

Office 365 subscriptions make it easy for businesses to plan their software expenditure and hopefully avoid those unexpected ‘it’s going to cost how much?’ moments. Another positive is that Microsoft seamlessly manages software upgrades and the introduction of new modules, so you don’t need to worry about expensive upgrade projects that have become the burden of over-stretched IT Departments across the country.

Expands with your business

Not so long ago, as a business expanded, the company would be forced to buy more and more software licenses for each employee. Not any more, Office 365 allows you to easily adjust the number of licenses you need. As a result, all subscribed services can be provided to new employees instantaneously. Office 365 provides you with the flexibility you need to react to workforce changes and the development of your business.

Communication tools

Working in different offices, departments or buildings often creates barriers that can quickly lead to communication drop-outs. These limit opportunities for collaboration and can have a negative impact on the business. There are many ways to collaborate and communicate in Office 365. The suite comes with an impressive array of tools – Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Yammer, Skype for Business and OneDrive for Business.

Work from anywhere

Office 365 allows organisations to innovate, collaborate, and work smarter. In a world of flexible working environments and arrangements, Office 365 allows employees to gain access to their favourite Office applications and tools on a range of mobile devices and smartphones – wherever they may be. Whether catching up with emails on the train, preparing a presentation over breakfast, or sharing ideas in front of the TV – Office 365 is there for you.

Always up-to-date

Keeping IT infrastructure up-to-date and up and running is always a challenge – both financially and mentally! Most organisations run many different systems and the upgrade of one component will almost certainly upset another. Migrating to Office 365 allows your business to streamline its IT infrastructure, bringing systems and services together which are designed to work harmoniously.

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