Information Solutions become ‘Cyber Essentials’ Certified

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We are delighted to announce that we have recently passed full accreditation of “Cyber Essentials”, a UK government scheme to ensure organisations adopt good practice in information security.

This is particularly important for our current and future clients, as they can be confident that Information Solutions are taking all best practice measures to guard against cyber-crime and just as importantly, continually monitoring all systems and security.

Any customer of Information Solutions, or our sister website development company The Web Orchard, can rest assured that their defences are secure against the most common forms of cyber-attack, and indeed the company are proactively using best practice methods to counter any such attack.

Nathan Bensley-Edwards, Owner of Information Solutions, commented:

“Information Solutions are very pleased to have this Government backed accreditation. We have always been very cyber-attack aware, but this accreditation took a lot of time, effort and resource to achieve and allowed us to fine tune our cyber-defences using the latest best practice. This comes after all the GDPR compliance we put in place when that initiative was launched.

Both ourselves and The Web Orchard work closely with our clients’ IT systems and in some cases hold their data, so it was important to us that we obtained the Cyber Essentials accreditation so our clients’ can be confident their IT services partner is well prepared against any cyber-villain. The likelihood of a successful attack is much lower than other IT companies who have not undertaken the work, processes and accreditation involved.

In simple terms, you would not leave your office door unlocked so you should ensure your IT is as secure as possible too. There are smart people out there with big money to be made via a cyber-attack, with sizable fines to companies if proven to found to be lacking in their cyber security so we recommend anyone holding sensitive customer data should take action.

Please contact us if you’d like to find out more or are interested in IT compliance consultancy.