Microsoft SharePoint – collaboration tools and much more…

Bringing a team together, SharePoint is a collaborative business tool that enables greater information sharing, team building and communication across an organisation. An intranet and content management system designed and built for internal purposes, Information Solutions have successfully designed SharePoint solutions for businesses across multiple industry sectors.

The business benefits:

Enables constant communication with all staff. Replacing the group email, which is often fraught with issues around lost, ignored or forgotten scenarios, a SharePoint or intranet solution enables all staff to find and see the information that is relevant to them. Enabling faster reaction and communication, SharePoint brings everyone around the same table.

Creates context

A step-up from the traditional methods of document storage, SharePoint brings context around the information by tracking versions of the document. Creating an evolving resource, SharePoint transforms the ‘folder on a server’ scenario, to a piece of accessible information, build by collaboration, that has a visible history.

Provides a central information hub

Bringing all of an organisations documentation onto one internal place, SharePoint enables staff to easily access the information that they require. From messages, updates and meeting requests, through to handbooks and company policy, with SharePoint communication becomes much more efficient.

Encourages collaboration

Particularly useful for geographically dispersed organsations, SharePoint enables an organisation to collaborate with team members where ever they may be based. Enabling staff to connect and work with each other via portals, SharePoint enables greater interaction, creativity and the sharing of innovation between individuals and teams.

Working with you and your team to design a SharePoint / intranet solution that matches your specific needs, let Information Solutions increase communication and collaboration within your organisation. Contact us to arrange a consultation.