Outsourcing IT for SME’s

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Why are outsourced IT services beneficial to SME’s?

Whether your business enterprise is 2 or 200 people, considerations on time, resource and efficiency are key considerations for the day-to-day and longer-term operations. However, there is most likely one piece of equipment that will support the work… IT equipment.

Your IT equipment can cover a range of administrative work, used for marketing activity, support your production or any manner of scale but one key point remains – it is essential to enable your business to function to its best.

Business beginnings and devices

Following the impacts of recent years, many have chosen to begin their own businesses particularly using the breadth of online opportunities to reach customers, clients, and stakeholders. But during the early stages of establishing a new enterprise, particularly as access to resources many have been more challenging than normal, it may be only the basic IT considerations were possible.

Basic IT considerations can simply mean the purchase of a laptop/PC and using the standard in-built software and defence applications out of the box. Depending on your business, you may have invested in other supporting software too.

In those early stages, you may have been limited to invest further but as your business is becoming established or indeed growing, it’s important to keep IT requirements on your priority list.

Troubleshooting your IT

Whether for personal use or a business, we all experience some IT issue at some time. But experiencing IT problems as a business can have much bigger consequences.

For IT use, potential investment and to consider any legal obligations that will apply, ask the following questions:

Do you have sufficient virus protection?

It’s an obvious question and may have been sold as part of your purchase originally but you will need to check if it is still valid and up to date. Have multiple devices for your business? You will need to ensure all devices are up to date and means more impact on time and resource. Consider what it could mean should you discover a device has a virus.

With more and more devices, it may be necessary to set out a schedule for checks and actions to keep your devices safe.

Have you ensured your data is safe?

Regardless of the size of your business, there are legal requirements regarding the data you have. This can be relating your any staff, your customers, financial information, with GDPR regulations, it is essential you take all reasonable steps to keep any data safe. Secure data storage, clear practices, and various protection software options such as firewalls and encryptions can help ensure you are meeting all legal obligations giving you and your customers peace of mind.

Why not listen to our latest GDPR training workshop to understand more about GDPR compliance for your business.

What would you do if your device stopped working?

The device is now out of warranty, so you may no longer access support from your point of purchase. Are you confident to be able to find a solution and fix the problem on your own?

What if the device cannot be repaired and you can no longer access the files saved on it? Keeping all your files, images and more on a single device is a major risk to any business. Back up storage options are widely available from external hard drives, cloud storage facilities and more. The range of options means flexibility of scale to meet the needs of the business.  

So how can outsourcing your IT services can help keep you on track, save time and keep your business safe?

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Outsourcing IT: your business solution

SME’s may not be of the scale where a dedicated “IT department” is necessary, financially viable or in fact beneficial particularly if smaller scale. Here is outsourcing your IT service needs can help.

Saving time and resource

An outsourced IT service contract will mean should any issues arise, there is a dedicated point of contact who can help. It can also mean that any issues, updates, or additions can be managed easily by the outsourced company, at times that work best for the business and keep you free to continue with the day-to-day demands.

Cost saving

Outsourcing your IT can ensure support is always on hand, is significantly cheaper and more consistent than hiring dedicated staff and keeps your costs consistent. Your contract will mean much easier to plan your budget with pre-determined outgoings, prevents potential added staff related costs while balancing the other finance needs of your business.

Saving space

Outsourcing your IT also means less demand on office space for staff and potential additional infrastructure. As your business is growing, your need for space may increase too. However, with outsourced solutions, its office space you will not need to allocate.

As the IT team supports remotely, you and your business can ensure supported anywhere – ideal for those who prefer full or hybrid home working environments or travel for work.

Keep you in the know

Dedicated IT professionals will be aware of the changes around Cyber Security, software upgrades and other dedicated IT elements supporting businesses. Through an outsourced IT partner, you can have peace of mind that any areas that may impact your business will be highlighted to you to ensure equipped to plan rather than catch up.

Want to know more about how outsource IT solutions and how this could support your business? Information Solutions are here to help.

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