The impossible puzzle of Cyber Security

Cybersecurity just isn’t getting any easier. While protection technologies continue to advance at a rapid pace, so do the cybercriminals trying to circumvent them. At the same time, the growing complexity of threats means that staying on top of them is an uphill task for stretched IT teams.

At Information Solution we have partnered with Sophos to bring our clients an array of robust and reliable security solutions to help them protect their business. Cybersecurity threats come in a variety of guises, from Phishing attacks and Software exploits, through to the ever prevalent Ransomware, which is why a wholistic approach to risk management is so necessary. This has been the inspiration behind Sophos’s development of their Synchronised Security platform, a cost-effective and comprehensive security solution that protects all parts of business IT infrastructure including Endpoint, mobile, Wi-Fi, and email.

To understand Cybersecurity challenges, Sophos recently commissioned an independent study into the experiences of 3,100 IT managers across 12 countries. Conducted by research house Vanson Bourne, the survey reveals illuminating insights into levels and types of cyberattacks, and the difficulties managing cybersecurity. To read the findings of this report, please click here.

In partnership with Sophos, and with a team of IT security experts on-hand, Information Solutions has the skills and knowledge to protect businesses and help manage cybersecurity risks.