Virus Alert – GameOver Zeus

As you may be aware from current media attention, there is a new virus threat expected to attack vulnerable machines in the UK within the next two weeks. The following is provided from Microsoft’s website

GameOver Zeus is spread through drive-by downloads, where the cybercriminals create a website that downloads malware onto any unprotected computer that visits that site. It is also distributed through the Cutwail spam botnet via phishing, where cybercriminals send counterfeit emails that appear to be legitimate communications from well-known businesses and organizations.

These deceptive emails contain realistic language that could entice the recipient to click on a link or attachment, which ultimately deploys the GameOver Zeus malware onto the victim’s computer. The botnet automatically begins key logging when a user of an infected computer types into the Web browser, unwittingly giving cybercriminals access to passwords and private account information. The infected computer sends stolen data to the botnet’s C&C server, and stores it there for later use by the criminal.

An example email  may appears follows:

This case and operation are ongoing, and we will continue to provide updates as they become available. To stay up to date on the latest developments on the fight against cybercrime, follow the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit on Facebook and Twitter.

Important: Microsoft no longer support Windows XP and no fixes will be made available for this operating system to our understanding at this point. Should you receive similar email as above please delete without opening the attachment. Current anti virus we recommend and deploy should protect you against compromised sites.