Windows 11: Everything you need to know

New year, new operating system and Information Solutions is here to help with Microsoft’s latest release.

Microsoft launched Windows 11 in October 2021 with a phased release timeline which has helped businesses and IT service providers deliver a much more considered and coordinated approach to the latest “upgrade”.

You will be pleased to hear that Information Solutions IT support services cover Windows 11 and you can expect new PCs and laptops to come pre-installed with it later this year.

With a rather interesting history of operating system updates over the years (who can forget why they chose to jump upgrade names from Windows 8 to 10 – if you experienced the drama you will know), here’s all you need to know about this latest system upgrade.

Image of desktop menu display on screen

A new look

Whether you are a fan of Apple Mac or not, the new look of Windows 11 certainly takes some of the more notable design styles of Apple and a pinch of Google Chrome too.

Expect rounded corners, use of more pastel colours and most surprisingly, a centred taskbar and Start Menu. Yes… it looks very much like a Mac screen at a glance. It’s especially useful on wide screens.

Desktop display of Windows 11 operating system with application menu for Microsoft Teams

Time for a Teams Meeting

Microsoft Teams continues to evolve and has secured its place as one of the major communication tools for business. Along with the new style operating system, Microsoft Teams is getting a new look too!

Offering the same extensive communication tools which have grown to support the changing working styles of many businesses worldwide, Microsoft Teams will now be integrated with Windows 11. Pinned to the taskbar by default, the application will be easier to access while still available to use on a range of systems including Mac, iOS and Android.

Welcome Android

Along with that Chrome style, its not the only Google-based addition to this new operating system. Android apps will be available. Full launch timings for Android integration and when these will be appearing in the Microsoft Store is not yet announced but expect to follow very soon.

This may be a welcome addition to existing Android users.

Image of desktop operating system menu. Menu enables user to custom display and window format.

Easier to switch

Wherever you work, Windows 11 has been developed with changing environments in mind. With a new feature called Snap Groups and Snap Layouts. The headaches of regularly having to change your display settings between working from home and back to the office monitor will no longer be a source of drama.

It’s also a great feature for the most avid multi-tasker.

Make it personal

For those you utilise virtual desktops, Windows 11 not only makes this much easier to access but also enables personalisation to help differentiate. Those whose computer is used for both home and work may find this feature particularly helpful. The personalisation features can support the growing trend to help create more virtual as well as physical separation between work and personal time.

Who loves a Widget?

Widgets are not a new feature for Windows users but many will have experienced some frustrations finding how to access and use these helpful tools. 20 years since they took the PC world by storm, widgets are back and bigger than ever. Now accessible from the taskbar, they can be personalised and can be a very helpful productivity aid to name one of a few benefits.

Image of laptop with operating system menu on display.

Performance in mind

Windows 11 has been developed with productivity in mind. No longer have your day interrupted with a system update. 40% smaller and more efficient, updates will now occur in the background ensuring you can keep working. Speed improvements will enable faster browsing and waking up from sleep mode. The range of efficiency changes will be a particular benefit for laptop users, meaning smarter energy use and longer battery life.

When and how can I upgrade?

Windows 11 will be available in a phased delivery by Microsoft over the course of 2022 with newer devices getting access to upgrade first. It is recommended to check your device before undertaking any major changes to your computer or IT service devices to avoid any unnecessary problems.

Information Solutions can help you get ready to upgrade. Customers are encouraged to speak to the team today to begin their plans for Windows 11. It’s essential we check that key business software and hardware is compatible with Windows 11 before upgrading to ensure a smooth process.

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