Windows 7 support ends 14th Jan 2020

On the 14th of January 2020 Microsoft will formally end its ‘extended support for Windows 7. In Microsoft terms, the Windows 7 operating system has been a huge success, with many users worldwide still running their business and home software on this well-respected operating system. However with its ‘end of life’ date rapidly approaching it is very important that businesses understand the implications and act now.  

So what does ‘end of life’ actually mean?

In simple terms it means that Microsoft will no longer automatically be providing security patches for Windows 7. Continuing to use Windows 7 after this point could make businesses and end-users vulnerable to security risks and exploitation.

What are the implications for my business?

As businesses become more and more reliant on IT systems and services, it is essential that you take every opportunity to protect your IT infrastructure and data. Should any part of the infrastructure be compromised then the implications of data-loss, downtime and reactive IT procurement could be catastrophic.

What can I do?

With the date fast approaching it is important to act now.

What steps do I need to take?

The first process is to assess your IT infrastructure to identify exactly how many PCs and laptops are still running Windows? If you have an IT Managed Service provider then they should have a full IT inventory for your organisation and provide this information with ease. Once you have identifiers how many Windows 7 devices are still in use, it is important to understand how critical these machines or the staff operating them are to the running of the business. You should then assess the spec of the PCs in question to understand if they can be upgraded or need to replaced – again this information can be provided by your IT Managed Service provider. You should then obtain quotes for replacement of equivalent spec PCs/laptops and then formulate an implementation plan which will have the least impact to the business.

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