Remote Monitoring and Management: Keep your business IT active

Remote Monitoring and Management Cycle

Why is remote monitoring and management the solution for business productivity?

Anyone who has used a computer knows the frustration of a Window’s interruption forcing an update just when you’re working on something crucial.

Does this look familiar?

Image showing the Windows restart for updates pop up window and an angry face.

What about when you have a busy day planned, only to find the company server is down, you cannot connect, or your own device has developed a fault! It’s wasting your time and ruining plans.

Heard that frustrating phase “oh, that’s because the software hasn’t been updated” when something just isn’t working right and what should have been just an hour, turns into three or four?

There is a solution to prevent or even eliminate these situations.

Now we’re working from home more often or in various locations, “popping into the office” to get an IT problem solved simply may not be an option.

With a remote monitoring and management solution in place, it can help reduce the downtime or even remove problems altogether.

What is remote monitoring and management?

Information Solution’s remote monitoring and management (RMM) service provides peace of mind while supporting your business anytime, anywhere.

Whether your team is office based or utilises a more agile working environment, our robust RMM service delivery supports your organisations users, devices, network, and servers instantly, and at scale. It keeps the workstations you see and the hardware you don’t tuned and running smoothly.

Using our RMM software solution, we can support business productivity in two ways:

a) Gather information from endpoints and networks to assess their health; and

b) Perform various IT management tasks on them without need for disruption to your staff or the business – all performed remotely.

Why do I need an RMM?

With the right implementation and management, RMM software can enable us to ensure your IT can help to make your organisation more efficient, effective, and potentially, more profitable.

Once in place, an RMM can provide complete visibility regardless of the location or scale of your IT infrastructure therefore offering organisations greater flexibility and means to adapt and be proactive using a central control point.

Thanks to RMM integrations, our tech team can be more efficient in terms of their own resources while also having the capacity to offer more automation at scale. Through the means to streamline and automating workflows, time-consuming manual tasks take up less time freeing up resource to be able to offer more support to users and endpoints. We often will see and resolve issues before you become aware of them.

What can remote monitoring and management be used for?

Remote monitoring services can be utilised for the following:

  • Windows and Mac workstations and laptops
  • Windows servers
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Network devices, including printers, firewalls, routers, and switches

Remote maintenance using RMM can also allow the following:

  • Deploy software
  • Manage updates, crucial for modern security standards and insurances.
  • Run scripts
  • Remotely connect to machines to troubleshoot and fix problems without interrupting the user

How can my business benefit from an Information Solutions support package which includes Remote Monitoring and Management?

Using remote monitoring and management as part of an IT Managed Services package from Information Solutions can support your organisation in a range of ways to stay efficient and keep focussed on your work.

Through a full support service framework, our bespoke packages can be delivered to scale while providing additional or sole IT support service to your organisation. A full-service framework includes the following:

Ninja One RMM service framework - wheel demonstrating all the elements and RMM system can support IT security and assistance

Patch Management – working with your organisation, Information Solutions can highlight when patches are available to ensure your software remains up to date and install remotely. Through a mutually agreed schedule, we can apply necessary patches for a time to limit or where possible remove any interruptions to your working hours. This method ensures your endpoint users always have the right tools while minimising potential future problems.

IT Inventory – keep track of your full itinerary of devices, servers, and other IT related documentation to ensure you have the latest information whenever needed. With potential team changes or equipment needs, being aware of all your equipment is essential. This can also aid other areas of consideration such as insurance purposes.

Software Deployment – as work needs may change or other tools become available that may benefit a particular user or department, our remote software deployment service can enable quick and easy access when required. Keeping your organisation best equipped in a proactive way.

Remote Access – no longer is it necessary to head to the office for assistance or a struggle to explain what is happening should something go wrong. With remote access, Information Solutions can not only provide what is needed in a reactive and proactive way, should something not work correctly, with our dedicated tools we can login to an endpoint to see what the problem is and help troubleshoot wherever you are. This is especially helpful for agile working environments and can further limit interruptions and provide a more efficient support service.

Remote access can also enable checks to ensure your equipment is working efficiently, identifies areas of concern to offer proactive decisions and work to ensure appropriate use of organisation equipment within your agreed company policies.

Service Desk – it will always be a real person. The dedicated Information Solutions team is based in Shropshire, UK. On hand whenever you need assistance, we aim to solve 90% of any IT issues following that first call or service request.   

Backup – having a backup is essential for any organisation, regardless of size. Not only does this ensure should things ever go wrong, you know you can recover all your work, documents, and other important files, but it also meets likely legal requirements. With business essential obligations such as GDPR and Data Protection, ensuring a backup programme can ensure your organisation is working to the highest potential performance.

Information Solutions also advise to ensure a sufficient backup service is in place for other key IT requirements such as Disaster Recovery Planning.

Endpoint Security – using a combination of the actions already mentioned as part of the full IT Managed Service Cycle, individual endpoint (devices and servers) security can also be managed and maintained. Through a dedicated remote monitoring system, Information Solutions can identify when issues may arise around data security. Situations such as ransomware attacks, phishing incidents or even inappropriate use or loss of equipment can be identified, and action taken.

For organisations who are considering gaining Cyber Essentials certification to support their data security implementation, and achieve the additional benefits accreditation can enable for your business will find remote monitoring and management beneficial. Our full-service solutions or bespoke support tools such as RMM can be particularly advantageous when undertaking the assessment process.

Interested in Remote Monitoring and Management?

Information Solutions can offer a bespoke quote based on your needs and scale of your organisation. Implementation is easy and once in place, can offer long term solutions to keep your business, users and equipment working.

Contact Information Solutions today for more details, explore our range of services and find how we can help you today!